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1944 C F Martin 000 18

1944 C.F. Martin 000-18

War time.  Steel restrictions and wood restrictions along with diversions to make war related materials.  And this is the result............magnificence.  When times were at their worst, Martin made their best.  Light, thin, resonant and built on the edge of failure.  These war period Martins weigh nothing and play like nothing you have ever heard before.  Adirondack spruce tops with mahogany rims and back, mahogany neck and rosewood board and bridge.  Ebony truss rod in the neck and no steel gromets for the tuners. And the tuners themselves are pared back to thin back plates with little else.  Scalloped braced, of course.  So it has the best of all alternatives from a structure perspective.  As far as sound............crisp, even, perfectly balanced with a resonance and harmonics that are exceptional from every perspective.  There is a sense of air in the sound, which is the result of the ebony rod in the neck.......something I've noticed in all of my war period Martins.  Overall, it's just an exceptional guitar from all views.  All original as well and looks brand new on the inside.