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1946 C F Martin 0 21

1946 C.F. Martin 0-21

Only 30 of these beauties were made in this year and 2 years later, they were discontinued.  More importantly this is the last year for ebony board and bridge on the 0-21, as it was on the D-18, so they are very special instruments indeed.  Long taper bracing with 12 frets, ebony mounts and all original......and second time in the house.  I just love this guitar.  It is so powerful and fat with great note separation that almost all 12 frets have. but the combination of 12 fret, ebony and brazilian is a mind blower.  These are so rare almost everyone hasn't ever seen one, including me until this one showed up about 6 years ago.  One could not use enough complimentary words to do this guitar justice.