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1947 C F Martin D 18

1947 C.F. Martin D 18

Lovely example of the just post-war D-18.  Long tapered bracing which is the favorite of many people I know, excellent all original condition with a nice bright finish and a sound that is massive or sensitive.  The long tapered Martins are little known niche creations from Martin.  After the war, they stopped making scalloped bracing and went to the long taper for about 3 years. What the tapered brace does is add a bit more control to the wild loose nature of the bone dreads.  It also focuses the sound making it clearer and with better note separation.  On top of that, the headroom is much more expansive and bigger so you can really press these guitars without them breaking up.  But you can also make them whisper.  Brilliant sustain and very colorful harmonics finish the sound package.  Woody and just brilliant.  A few tight short rim cracks to the bottom rim and otherwise, basically crack free. If you love mahogany guitars, this era is a real wonder.


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