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1947 C F Martin D 28

1947 C.F. Martin D-28

In storage for 5 years, this is one rare guitar.  I've only owned one '47 before this and they seem to be very similiar in their tops, tonewoods, color and the quality of sound.  This came to me with black strings on it and it did have a slight mustyness, but for only a moment.  It is all original and has that great, war era brick red rosewood that ended just about this time......maybe into '48.  Just.   The pickguard is a 30's-early 40's left over and is undoubtedly original to this guitar.  The top displays bags of silking with some wide grained areas as well.  Adirondack possibly.  The tuners are original open back Yoda examples which is unusual for this era.  But they have been on there since dot.  In all actuality, this guitar exhibits these few retro features which makes it look and feel more like a late 30's D-28 vs. a '47.  Tonally, this guitar is exceptional.  It has long taper bracing, which I have always been fonder of than the scalloped bracing of the war era bones.  You get just that much more control without losing any resonance or sustain which is truly great if you have ever played a "bone".  Some can get a bit out of hand.  But this is smooth, supple, with bags of resonance and sustain that is as good as any of my bones from past years. The fingerboard is full thickness and so is the bridge and the set up is divine. A few secure cracks is about all to mention.  What more can I say?  It's just one of those...... a superb Golden Era Martin D-28.  Brilliant and shockingly good.