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1947 CF Martin 000 21

1947 C.F. Martin 000-21 (sold) 

CITES Article 10 Certificate #556465/01

Always a favorite, the 21 series, and here we have a '47 000........very well played with graphic brazilian rosewood rims and back with a sitka spruce top, and brazilian board and bridge.  This combination, unique to the 21 series, is a really beautiful thing.  Warm and woody with a much rounder voice than the 000-28 with ebony board and bridge, the 000 is so comfortable in the hand and the voice is just as mentioned: warm and woody with lingering and haunting sustain and a lovely lilting presentation.  Like a great romantic poem, it sedates you with harmonics and colour.  A guitar hard to put down. 

It has had much use over its years but is a very rare guitar indeed.  A few cracks to the top with a nicely replaced brazilian bridge of much age is the worst of it.  Playwear abounds but no abuse is evident......just loving care and maintenance over it's 70 years of like.  Not much to ask really.