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1947 CF Martin D 18

1947 C.F. Martin D-18 (sold)

Once you get into the early 50's and late 40's.....just post war, Martins become something different and very special indeed.  This '47 D-18 has the much sought after tapered bracing that we know was done just after the war and that replaced scalloped bracing of the earlier era.  Many prefer it.  Great balance and clarity with a powerful, woody tenor and layers of harmonics.....they all have this from this time. And this one has on top of all of that, a warmth with articulation and clarity that is exceptional.  The top has extensive silking  to either side of the center seam of the bottom bout and then moves to a lovely wide, open grain which is unlike any top that I've seen.  Unusual to find silking along with wide graining and the value of that is reflected in it's sound.  In exceptional unmolested condition with an extremely well executed replacement bridge that most won't see, it is a great example of the late 40's Martin D-18............something that very rarely turns up these days.  * Oh, and just to explain....the 2 behind the description indicates that this is a second example in stock at the same time and my computer needs that to distinguish these listing. 


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