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1948 CF Martin 00 18

Product Code: 0877

1948 C.F. Martin 00-18  (sold)

CITES Article 10 Certificate #553239/05

An exceptional example of the 00-18, just post war and in lovely, almost unplayed condition.  All original and with a nice clear finish, it has solid mahogany rims and back with a solid spruce top and mahogany neck with Brazilian rosewood board and bridge.  Original Kluson flat back tuners and lovely light ruby red pickguard.  The pre-1950 Martin is a breed unto itself and has just that bit more warmth and sustain than it's 50's cousins.  I must admit here that I'm splitting hairs as they are all great guitars but the 40's examples are sonorous.  Just sublime with great clarity and separation along with power, sustain and haunting backtones.  Superb instruments.