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1949 C F Martin D 28

1949 C.F. Martin D-28

Here's an old workhorse with an amazing voice. It's been played heavy and has been resurrected a few times but it is probably the most powerful post-war D-28 that I've owned.  Sitka spruce top with rosewood rims and back and a mahogany neck. Ebony board and bridge.  What has been done to it is pure on your car.  The bridge is a replacement and the tuners are currently Grovers which we will restore with period correct Klusons.  There is overspray on top of the original finish and a new bridgeplate but for all its sins, it's one amazing guitar.  Power in bags with a tremendous sustain and typically resonant harmonics, it plays beautifully and is solid for the long haul.  This kind of character is seldom seen in these old Martins.  Usually they are stuck in the closet but this one saw the stage  and the road for many years.  Original case included.