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1951 C F Martin D 28

Product Code: asw-001

1951 C.F. Martin D-28

      Here is another great early 50's Martin D-28.  In excellent condition with great figured rosewood.  It is crack free and with very little playwear to speak of.  This is a very rare year to find on the market, for what reason I'm not sure but they don't often turn up.  This one is superb and runs along with the big dogs.  Powerful, loud and balanced, it plays very well and feels great with a chunky radius to the neck and good action.  Lovely brick red brazilian usually found in the war era bone D-28's.  Every time I pick up this old Martin I wonder how they did it !!  The consistency in this era can't be found in any other brand of guitar and such great instruments they are.  Yalza !!