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1955 Martin D-18 Sold

Product Code: 0371

1955 C.F. Martin D-18

CITES Article 10 Certification #552613/01

Made very early in the year and almost a '54, this is a grand example of this famous model Martin.  It has the colour of a bourbon barrel with ruddy wear to the soundboard.....just the type we all love.  The neck radius is nice and meaty and feels more like an early war period Gibson which also gives it the tremendous voice that it has.....wopping bottom end that shakes the whole room topped off with beautiful warm and woody mids and top end.  In all original condition and in an old period case, it is more than we expect from the D-18.  One doesn't want to put it down once you have fired it up.  Oh, and that's a Spitfire going overhead just as I went out to shoot this guitars pics.......doesn't get better.