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1959 C F Martin 0 18

The Martin 0-18 is, in thinking about it, one of the hardest models to find in the U.K. as a vintage thing.  Even brazilian D-28's turn up more than this little tyke.  This one is in lovely condition and has an extremely full and powerful voice.  The bridge has been replaced at some time with an  extremely accurate example and the tuners are early 60's flat backs that we see at times on the "17" model.  There is a small impact to the upper rim below the waist that has been secured from inside and other wise it's all there.  It's had a neck set and a refret so nothing more needs to be done for the forseeable future.  Importantly, the sound of this little Martin is very big indeed.  Startlingly big bottom end with great sustain and resonance with the rest of the field following suit.  I can count on one hand the number of 0-18 examples that I've owned.....making this an opportunity that's more uncommon than you might think.


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