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1963 CF Martin 00 21

The "Jim Cleary" 00-21

What a marvelous instrument.  Jim Cleary was a singer/songwriter in Birmingham during the late 60's early 70's and has a small devoted following today.  This was his guitar and is probably the most characterful instrument that I've owned.  He virtually live in pubs, clubs and bars and this guitar shows every minute of it's presence there.  Dark like a bowl of caramel with the perfect amount of playwear and being all original, it's quite something to behold. But, goodness what a sound.  I've never had a 12 fret  guitar with the harmonics and haunting tonal quality that this has.  The trebs shock you with their harmonic resonance and really make you wonder.  Quite a unique instrument and one that has a history we know.  The original case has his old name plate on it with a lovely very faded green interior.  Such a package is so rare to come by at any time.  This one pulls on my heart strings.......