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1965 C F Martin D 28

This is the best mid-60's D-28 that I've owned.  Started in '64 and finished in very early '65, it has the slotted bridge and the tortoise pickguard of the earlier period and still has the thinner bracing of this time.  One wouldn't know that it's not a '60 or a '61 from all it's appointments and construction.  In excellent all original condition, the brazilian is luthier quality.  Very finely grained with a light chocolate color.  Crack free as well.  From a sound perspective, it's really percussive and has all the harmonics and sustain of an earlier 50's guitar.  It's extremely clear and balanced which is a recording artists dream.  The bottom end is beautifully balanced with the mids and trebles, leaving us with a eminently beautiful sounding instrument.  Provenance:  Matt Umanov Guitars