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1968 C F Martin 00 28C

1968 CF Martin 00-28C

Every once in a while you get a guitar that has something's always a combination of great tonal quality along with the ever important visual character that we all love.  This little 00 Martin has that in spades.  I don't even want to polish it.  Brazilian rosewood rims and back of lovely color and grain, sitka spruce top, slot head arrangement and in excellent, all original condition. Fan braced with ever so lightly built structure,  Martin made 301 of these in this year and only 1412 for the entire run of the model.  Brazilian and nylon are a very special combination that almost all of the early folk combos and individual players used with great success.  It offers a soft ( and that doesn't mean quiet !! ), melodic sound with great presence accompanied by a great sense of resonance and sustain. A wonderful relief to the steel string guitar and something every player should have in their stable for those moments.