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1973 C F Martin D 41

1973 C.F. Martin D-41

Once in a while I come across an early 70's D-41 that looks like this.  Honey colored with that soft finish that shows it's been used, played and loved for a very long time.  This example is in excellent condition and we have just brought it out from a new neck set and a fret job, so it's in perfect condition.  Lovely color pearly edge inlays and headstock logo, original bridge, pickguard and tuners, the big 3 and it is a wonderful sounding instrument.  Big and fat with a lovely balance and a powerful sonic image.  These have become so hard to source as has everything and so this is an opportunity if you like the music of C,S,N&Y or Neil.......I love playing these in drop D or double drop D.  Brilliant machines.