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1980 C F Martin 00 25 Koa

1980 C.F. Martin 00-25 Koa

What a firecracker this is !! and a very rare guitar.  That's why it's here.  Rare doesn't always mean great or even good but in this instance this 42 year old Koa 00 is both.  In mint condition with it's original case, it's the first example of this model that I've seen to own in over 15 years.  That's the rare part. Martin only produced this guitar from 1980 thru 1990 in very limited quantities and designated Style 25 for these new to the line Koa models.  

This is obviously a first year model and its crisp and loud and has a tremendous amount of resonance and sustain.  Classic Martin all around.  The range is even and distinct with a nice very supportive bottom end.  It plays extremely well with a low saddle and so, to keep the price where it is, we haven't neck set it as it doesn't need it.    


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