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2016 CF Martin 1939 Authentic 000 42

Product Code: PC 002

2016 C.F. Martin 1939 Authentic 000-42 

Being a vintage only dealer, that rule gets broken once in a while when a guitar comes along that represents the best of what Martin has been trying to do for the last 15 years or so.  And that is to make guitars as good as possible relative to their Golden Era history and knowledge.  This is one of them.  An extremely rare Authentic 000-42, the same model used by Clapton on  his Xmas special ( which didn't get played much !! )  But that's no inference to the quality of this instrument and the music that it creates. Madigascan rosewood with a superb Adi top, re-issued G-111 tuners and a beautiful pearl bound body, this guitar is in mint factory condition with it's original hang tags and case.  Specs are exact to the '39 000-42 that Martin has in it's museum and it already is sounding like a 30 year old instrument with impeccable intonation and clarity and  resonance and harmonics like something from the 50's.  Another 5 or 10 years of playing and this won't sound any different than those magnificent ancestors.  You won't find another here on this island and most likely won't find another any where on the market at this moment............... it's one of those that should get more valuable with age, not less !!


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