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1917 CF Martin Bone 1 28

1917 C.F. Martin 1-28

To quote Matt Umanov:  "You won't see another one of these."  One of 23 made in this year, this model is the culmination of Martins already 80 year history and it is also the size that all things going forward are derived from.  Anything smaller is a size 2,3 or 4 and anything bigger is a size O, OO, or OOO  and it is sooo rare to see a 20th century model 1, let along a model 1-28.  Solid brown brazilian back and sides with an Adi top, cedar neck and in excellent condition considering it's age and the fact that it survived the heavy string era without it's top being blown out or stretched out.  The bridge area has seen some finish loss which might indicate a new bridge and there is definately a new bridgeplate courtesy of Dave King, who stabilized this guitar about 6 years ago and it's perfect in that regard.  All othe elements are original and the interior is unmolested relative to bracing and condition.  A few back cracks and one small one in the bottom bout below the bridge are the extent of it's movement which is quite amazing.  Soundwise, it's very muscle-y and so satisfying with silk and steel on it.  I can't put it down.  It's that sound people of my age have in their heads from the early folk movement in the early 60's.  


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