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1911 C F Martin 0 42

Product Code: CSC-001

 (sold)   This 1911 0-42 is subtly famous as it is pictured in: Martin Guitars: A Technical Reference by Richard Johnston and Dick Boak and is on page 15 illustrated as Martin's example of Pearl Bordered models. Not a bad pedigree.

From a total production of 392, the 0-42 numbered 6 in this year.  The style was produced as early as 1870 and by 1911 it had a slot head and fretboard inlays at the 5,7,9,12 and 15th positions which were added in 1901.  A gorgeous Brazilian rosewood body with Adirondack spruce top, cedar neck and ebony fingerboard along with an ivory bridge, neck and body binding, this guitar is an absolute classic and set the tone for the future of Martin's top end line.  With very minor playwear from fingers below the string line, it is in exceptional condition.  As with all four of these guitars, it's sound is unique and other worldly.  Beautiful to hold and view, it exceeds expectations for anyone who understands this era instrument.  And with only 392 produced, it is an exceptionally rare and desirable guitar.  And good enough to be Martins pick to represent the pearl bordered pre-war Martin guitar.