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1970 Guild F 50 Brazilian

1970 Guild F-50 R Brazilian

Well, my first good guitar was a Guild and I've loved them every since.  From the time that I learned that this model existed in Brazilian rosewood,  I've looked for this illusive beast for most of my adult life and finally, one comes along.  A brazilian F-50 R Navarre.  Dave Van Ronk played one of these and anyone playing one in the late 60's would have too.  What an impressive, beautiful sounding guitar this is.  Possibly the best recording brazilian guitar that I've owned in a larger body.  Solid brazilian rims and back with what might be an Adi top with very tight clean graining.  Ebony board and rosewood bridge, correct for this period and a solid mahogany neck......again correct for this period, with a stacked heel.   Structurally all original with some very slight finish touch up. The neck is the most comfortable neck and nut width on a jumbo that I've ever held......a result of it being one piece vs. 3 piece.  Sonically, it is perfectly articulate, with a warm and an extremely clear, warm voice that is all brazilian.  Tremendous running sustain and harmonics and full of color from what seems so very understated because it's so very clean and clear and present while being very responsive and powerful.  The nuances in this guitar are hard to describe.  It is the best jumbo guitar I've ever played including Gibsons.  And why shouldn't it be.