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1950 Gibson SJ-200 Natural

1950 Gibson SJ-200 Natural

FON#A-6013   Serial number 4367

Here's an wonderful guitar that was here a number of years ago and has come back to us with glee.  It's a story that needs be told and that leaves one with the thought of having it.  When this came to me and after much wrangling with my inner guitar self,  I determined that the top had been replaced but long enough ago to  have color and character.  One wouldn't know it from outside as it retains it's original pickguard, bridge and bindings.  Inside, the bracing is scalloped ( something that never happens on 200's) and it's forward shifted.  Immaculate work with a single X brace and the short bridge plate. I can't see where the top has been off but it must have been.  So what do we have here?  Well, I see it as a "vintage" restored the same price as a new one.'s the's a phenomenal sounding guitar.   So if you want a 1950 Gibson SJ-200  with a beautifully restored top than this is your baby.  Noone will know but you and it's just so sweet to hold and play.  A smart person's guitar !!!   and......Player guitars for guitar players !!!  


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