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c 1956 Gibson Country Western SJN

Product Code: 0129

 c 1956 Gibson Country Western SJN

The natural version of the venerable Southern Jumbo and produced in approx. half the number as the SJ, the Country Western SJN is truly the classic slope shoulder dreadnought.  Twin parallellogram fingerboard, individual Kluson tuners and a finely grained spruce top combine to create the ultimate image of the acoustic guitar.  They have great projection and a somewhat attenuated sustain, eliminating unwanted overtones and giving the C.W. a crisp, lively presence.  Well balanced and voiced to be slightly metalic but not jangly, this example has a great presence with a full range of volume and projection.  In all original condition with a ruddy, taffy coloured spruce top and mahogany rims and back.  No visible serial number.  One 3" back crack down low on the bottom bout is all need mentioning......lovely playability and great visuals.  


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