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1954 C F Martin D 28

Where oh where do you ever find a scruffy Martin 50's D-28?  They are ALWAYS well cared for and sometimes tucked under the bed......certainly handled with kid gloves.  So when this was offered to me, needless to say I was really thrilled.  I like a scruffy guitar.  One used and not abused, which is just what this is.  It's all original excluding a very well and accurately replaced bridge and has a soul that speaks for itself.  It's been used a lot......and shows that in all the best ways.  Cracks to the rims.....a few to the top but all healed and inoffensive.  It has a sound that is like Old Man Mountain.  It's warm and enveloping in a way that you won't want to put it down.  Rich and fat.....the sustain just runs on in a velvety kind of softness.  It's just hard to put to words this guitar.  I guess you will have to come give it a go !!


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