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1957 CF Martin D 18

Product Code: Cam-001

1957 C.F. Martin D-18

    A classic D-18 from the later 50's......and get this.   It's serial number is only 17 away from the other '57 D-18 that is currently in stock. So they were both on the assembly line at the same time.  What are the chances that they would come back together again so far from their point of inception? 
     This example has been played tons and sounds like it.  Lots of evidence of active use but never abused.....just lots of character and a tone that goes with being played all of its life.  We have just done a neck set on it so it's in perfect shape for going forward.  A set of Jap Kluson-type tuners are all that have been changed but we are looking for a period correct set of Kluson deluxe to restore that bit. No extra holes so it will go back to original easily.  


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