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1939 CF Martin 00 18

1939 C.F. Martin 00-18

Here's a great old workhorse from the 30's that is in great condition considering it's life in the fast lane.  30's Martins are the most desirable guitars on the planet and this is certainly one of them. The 00-18 is almost impossible to find from the late 30's so this is a real opportunity.  Cracks here and there but nothing shocking or off putting, some playwear below the fingerboard extension is about what is worth mentioning.  Interior has a few reglued braces and a new bridgeplate, typical of an almost 100 year old acoustic guitar..  And she has a tremendous voice thanks to the ebony board and bridge.  Loud and crisp with a sharpness that can bite you.  It's immensely immediate in its response when you put a flat pick to it.  Just a great old Martin looking for a new gig in able hands !!   


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